Our full range of relocation and storage services will exceed your expectations throughout your moving experience. Every move is different; we proudly offer our expertise to give our customers easy solutions for even the most challenging moves. Our experienced team members can provide you with excellent customer service, hassle-free assistance, so you can focus on your new journey. From any origin to any destination, we will get you there. We take the stress out of moving and work with your budget to ensure a safe, stress-free move. We will pick your items up from your home or business and store them at our storage facility until the shipment is ready to leave for the destination, providing you with a complete inventory of your belongings. All your belongings will be securely wrapped and/or properly boxed if it requires special care. Our state-of-the-art warehouse is fully-secured for the safe storage if your items are in-transit or long term storage.

When you book a move with Express Moving Van Lines,LLC we help you organize your move with a document we call The Move Plan. Your Move Plan contains all the vital information for your move including dates, addresses, inventory of items to be moved, and contact information.

Some suggestions would be as follows:

Clean – Do not pay to move things that you don’t use. Donate to a local charity organization or discard any unwanted items.

Organize – Create a “move book,” to note all important details of your move. It should contain any estimates you received, contact information and contents of boxes once you start packing.

Create an inventory– We will help you create a detailed list of the things you have. This list can be used for valuing your belongings for coverage, for keeping your packing organized, and just for your peace of mind. We’ll use it to estimate the volume of your shipment in creating a price.

Notify buildings and make proper arrangements – Be in contact with building management. Reserve freight elevators, make sure the day you choose to move works for your new building. Make sure your mover has proper insurance coverage to meet your building’s requirements. Be sure to mention when you book with our representative if your pick up and/or drop off location is a condominum. Special accommodation must be made prior to your move.

* Pack – Pack what you need and want. Do not make the boxes too heavy for a person to carry, and place heavier objects at the bottom.

Change of address notifications – Complete a U.S. Postal Service Change of Address form online, at http://www.usps.com/. You must notify credit card and utility companies, newspaper subscriptions, and Internet and cable providers that you are moving. Check into their procedures ahead of time. You may need to return your old cable box or join a waiting list for installation.

Move day: Keep important items on you during the move – Place essentials in a suitcase or designated bag, and don’t lose it. Keep crucial items you will need during the move in one easy-to-find place. Include your Move Book, prescriptions, checkbooks, address books, jewelry, toiletries, phones, and chargers.

Keep your moving receipts for income tax deductions – In many cases, moving expenses are deductible from federal income taxes. If you are moving because of a change in employment, you may be able to claim this deduction even if you do not itemize. Consult your tax preparer.


EXPRESS MOVING VAN LINES, LLC is committed to helping employees thrive and grow in our company. We have openings in a wide range of disciplines. We are committed to promoting diversity through the equitable consideration of candidates without regard to ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or other protected status.

We believe our most exciting years are ahead of us. Discover where your path will take you and let us help. To apply for an opening please email your Resume to expressmovingllc@hotmail.com

Specialized Moving

We are proficient in coordinating specialized moving services for our valued customers, whether we are needed to ship antiques to a neighboring city or an entire collection of fine art to a museum across the country. We have the specialized moving services needed to transport your high-value products securely and expeditiously. As part of our specialized moving services, we transport a wide array of high-value products which includes laboratory and medical equipment, trade show exhibits, computer systems, sculptures, pianos, safes, and much more. We offer a vast range of services for your specialized moving needs, from blanket wrapping to crating. Trust in the specialized moving services from Express Moving Van Lines, LLC for a transportation process focused on quality and security.

Antique and Fine Art

Our staff of movers and drivers undergoes extensive training in handling and moving fragile items like antiques and fine art. We will custom crate these items and protect them for transit. Our trucks are climate-controlled to ensure the optimum temperature is maintained for the duration of the transportation process, so an oil painting will remain as priceless and unmarred. Our trailers can handle any size and scope shipment of fine art and antiques, making us the unsurpassed antique moving company of choice.


Moving a piano is no easy task. Between the irregular shape, the instrument’s massive weight, and the delicate and intricate internal components of a piano, there is a lot to take into consideration to ensure a smooth and successful move. Our professional piano movers know what it takes to move a piano so that it arrives at its new destination safely and securely. We offer white-glove piano moving services and we are experienced with all aspects of piano moving, including moving pianos up and down stairways, through tight fitting openings, and into high-rise buildings. We ensure the protection of your piano throughout the transit process by utilizing piano covers, specially outfitted air-ride moving trucks, and a staff that is well-trained and experienced in the art of moving pianos. We also take care to protect your home or business during the moving process.